Magic skills:

Some magics exclude others.

Brute: Can’t use Arcane or Shamanism. Can also cause weird effects with technomagical devices.
Arcane: Can’t use Brute. Gives a degree of understanding to Technomagical devices.
Shamanism: Can’t use Brute. Has odd social effects.
Technomancy: bestows a rough comprehension of Arcane magic and engineering.
Fey Magic: Can have some odd social and mental effects.

Fey Magic: The ability to call upon and manifest the powers of a fey creature or a god. This skill represents the ease with which a character may employ their fey contact.
Every point they invest into the general skill can then be invested into their fey contacts, so a character with 4 points in Fey magic can then invest them all in one Fey creature to make them more powerful, or spread them over several to gain a variety of allies and abilities.

Brute Magic: The ability to manifest the casters own will in a physical burst of energy, flavoured uniquely to the Brute mage’s own personality. Brute magic is wild, uncontrollable and very powerful. A Brute mage’s most casual thought can carry power, and a stray emotion can have devastating consequences.

Arcane Magic: The most scientific and controlled form of magic. Arcane magic is the practice of exerting small amounts of power down certain paths and channels created either in the mind or on physical surfaces. Whiles slower to use, it is the most adaptable magic and the only one which can be taught. Arcane magic can be used in combat but every spell requires a readying action to prepare, during this time they are unable to act and any disturbance ruins the magic. The skill level reflects the number of elements the character is familiar with channelling (such as earth, air, fire, water and more besides) as well as the number of internalised spells they can cast. An internalised spell is one which the mage can cast without the need of physical symbols and extreme focus. While still needing a turn to ready, the mage is free to defend themselves and move around the battlefield.

Shamanism: Shamanism is the most difficult power to describe. Some would not even consider it magic as it has no seen effects. A shaman possesses an additional sense, a natural connection to all living things. An ability to comprehend and utilise the bonds between existences, such as the bond between birds which allows them to take flight in synchronisation, or that of a hive of insects which makes them act as one whole. Shamans also exert a sub-conscious pressure on living things, a sense of calm that nothing is out of the ordinary which makes their presence easily noticed by those around them. They are hunted within Veld as the kingdom has for years seen them as the centre of Triad authority.

Technomancy: a technomancer is a person able to create and utilise a magically imbued device to its full ability. A small trickle of power is fed into the device to trigger the desired effect. Technomancy will enable the user to comprehend the complex nature of an enchantment, to replicate it and to alter it temporarily to suit the situation. Anyone can swing a flaming sword, but a technomancer can make it burn brighter.


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